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-------------------------- Snow, 2012
Snow fledged safely Snow fledged - 43 days old Snow, Cilla Snow being weighed, measured Snow - Day 38 Snow - Day 24 Snow on the alert Beau and egg (pre-Snow) A regal Beau in residence Snow - Day 3
-------------------------- Narrambla, 2011
Narrambla still there 2 Narrambla still there Narrambla released 3 Narrambla released 2 Narrambla released Narrambla in care 2 Narrambla in care Narrambla 3 Narrambla 2 Narrambla 1

I have my website access back, so can start doing my Friday (or more frequent) updates.   We now have three eggs, as follows

27/08/2020 416 Di 1st egg
29/08/2020 1600 Di 2nd egg
1/9/2020 0157 Di 3rd egg

This pair has never had more than three, so I expect that is our lot.

All are doing well.  A lot of prey was coming in (mostly starling, with the odd rosella, galah, pigeon and various unidentified scraps) until recently when it almost petered out.  I suspect they have a stash somewhere outside.

We had a drama with the nest cam being flickering and off, and mostly off, over the last few days, but that was fixed last night (thank you, Scott).

We think there is also another peregrine around, possibly two.  A large female juvenile visited the box recently and we think there might be an adult around too.  This makes our pair rather nervous as the concrete hilton as prime real estate!

We also had a drama with repairs being needed to a major leak in the water tower.  Fortunately, common sense has prevailed (aided by an appealing image of Diamond incubating her three eggs), the water in the tower will be lowered to below the leak and repairs postponed until after the season.

I don’t seem to be able to add photos.  I’ll check that with Scott.  But I should be able to add links to my youtube account, so let’s try that out.  RELUCTANT CHANGEOVER

Okay, that’s all for now.   Scroll down for comments


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December 2021


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Diamond and her first egg Bula's first sight of first egg Bula's first sight of first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond taking a break

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