-------------------------- Snow, 2012
Snow fledged safely Snow fledged - 43 days old Snow, Cilla Snow being weighed, measured Snow - Day 38 Snow - Day 24 Snow on the alert Beau and egg (pre-Snow) A regal Beau in residence Snow - Day 3
-------------------------- Narrambla, 2011
Narrambla still there 2 Narrambla still there Narrambla released 3 Narrambla released 2 Narrambla released Narrambla in care 2 Narrambla in care Narrambla 3 Narrambla 2 Narrambla 1

FalconCam Project has achieved another major milestone, namely to bring live video streams of Swift, Beau and the eyrie action to the world. And it’s been so popular it’s completely outstripped our monthly bandwidth capability. Fortunately Charles Sturt University has come to the party and provided us with a fantastic upgrade. We’ve been streaming services out via the CSU network since the middle of September 2011 and now we’ve moved our heavily subscribed camera feed pages to a more in-house arrangement which should provide quicker connectivity and more stability.

Click here to go to the CSU live video streaming pages

“FalconCam Project would like to thank the Charles Sturt University staff involved in bringing this to the Internet. To the Head of DIT, Garry Taylor, and DIT Operations Director, Phil Roy, for their very generous offer of help and support. To John ‘Robbo’ Roberts and Conrad Dare-Edwards for making arrangements and steering the team towards this outcome (and allowing us to jump queues!). To Paul Drake & Ayden Beeson for their efficient, sensible advice and help to switch it all on, and to  Amber Murray for her awesome, high-speed  page and site design skills, for her tolerance under a barrage of half a million questions and for putting up with my insistence! Thanks to you all …”

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May 2022


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Season 8 2015 (1)

Diamond and her first egg Bula's first sight of first egg Bula's first sight of first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond taking a break

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