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-------------------------- Snow, 2012
Snow fledged safely Snow fledged - 43 days old Snow, Cilla Snow being weighed, measured Snow - Day 38 Snow - Day 24 Snow on the alert Beau and egg (pre-Snow) A regal Beau in residence Snow - Day 3
-------------------------- Narrambla, 2011
Narrambla still there 2 Narrambla still there Narrambla released 3 Narrambla released 2 Narrambla released Narrambla in care 2 Narrambla in care Narrambla 3 Narrambla 2 Narrambla 1

Some time in the middle of 2007 we noticed that a pair of peregrine falcons, relatively rare around the Central West of New South Wales, were interested in using Charles Sturt University’s Orange campus as a hunting ground. Ian Grange, a member of staff, suggested we mount a roosting box high up in the water tower, on the south window to encourage the raptors to hang around. They took to the box very quickly and no end of carnage was brought in to consume.

o IP cameras were located and mounted – one inside the box above the floor and the other one up high overlooking the ledge and their flight approach.

Since then we’ve been receiving brilliant close-up footage and experiences from our new acquaintances with every intention of making our coverage and data available to the world. We’ve come to know the adult pair well now and consider them a part of campus. Not often anyone can get this close to such amazing raptors!

As an addendum to the above paragraph, we’ve now upgraded both our eyrie-based cameras to high-definition models from Axis (via Lan1 and CCTV Hire) and they’re providing us with superb, world-class imagery and footage, which we can share with the world. We utilise PoE (Power Over Ethernet) technology to reduce the number of cables running around the room next to the box itself and are able to piggyback on the high-speed CSU network for connectivity.

Thank you for visiting, and supporting FalconCam Project.

Ian, Cilla, Scott & Ron


People and identities: …

who have become involved in this ongoing project and who deserve a mention (a huge thanks to all for their valuable input and voluntary work) include:

Dr Ian Grange – former CSU staff member; provided roost and technical capabilities, monitoring and chief filthy gravel cleaner! Now based at Royal Agricultural College, Circencester in the UK, providing healthy international feedback for FalconCam Project

Email: Dr Ian Grange

Dr Cilla Kinross – staff member at CSU Orange campus; the local ornithological expert and provider of sound advice and knowledge on raptors, camera monitoring, bird banding; was also “volunteered” as our media representative & liaison!

Email: Dr Cilla Kinross

Scott Banks – staff member at CSU Orange campus; technical input, website administrator, camera monitoring, keeper of the tower key, potential raptor step-grandparent

Email: Scott Banks

Ron Green – staff member at CSU Orange campus; roost builder and maintainer of the mechanical aspects



Thanks also to: …

Thank you also to advice from various experts in the field whose names will appear here as soon as they can be compiled, and to the dedicated Orange-based news crews from both Prime TV and WIN TV for their wonderful and enlightening coverage and excellent publicity. We must also thank our good friends from RAAF 30 Beaufighter Squadron for their considerable interest, wonderful wartime & post-wartime stories, and very kind donations.

Thank you to Dr Kevin Parton, former Dean of Campus, and to those interested staff from Orange campus, with the odd individual input from most other CSU campuses who have been helping with our monitoring and also providing us with enthusiasm (and the occasional grammatical corrections!). We sincerely hope that the number of direct participants with our project continues to grow as times goes on, and that our knowledge grows with that time also.

Member – The Peregrine Fund


Recently we’ve been able to strike up friendships with fellow birds of prey recovery centres around the place, and indeed have paid personal visits to both Healesville Sanctuary down in Victoria, where they offer an amazing bird show, including peregrines and wedge-tailed eagles, and also over in New Zealand at Wingspan in Rotorua. These awesome people are operating a charity-based indigenous birds of prey recovery centre, dealing with New Zealand Falcons (karearea), swamp harriers, morepork owls and barn owls (amongst others) and teaching education, advocacy, conservation and research to the public. If you’re in or near Healesville, Vic, and/or Rotorua in New Zealand we strongly suggest you go visit these centres – say Hi from us here at FalconCam Project!

Wingspan logo

Wingspan National Bird Of Prey Centre, Rotorua New Zealand

Healesville Sanctuary logo

Healesville Sanctuary, Healesville Australia








6 Responses to About us

  • Scott Banks says:

    Hi Wendy,
    Sorry for the lack of interaction recently. Project staff have only been onsite sporadically but we’re back in to routines now!

    The two new cameras are running well, but we may have to redude the bandwidth on both to allow them to stream more effectively as the current large bandwidth on each is proving a hog on the lines. Campus had a scheduled power-down on Saturday and this would’ve affected our feeds for a few hours, but we should be running again now.

    Stick with us, thanks for your ongoing support once more!!


  • Kathy says:

    Hi Wendy! Here in Canada, I am not experiencing any difficulties viewing the live camera feeds of both the nest cam & the ledge cam today. At the moment, Swift is in the nest box, on her original scrape. However, I do find that I have to remain patient while waiting for the camera feeds to load. I usually have to wait a minute and sometimes have to wait a few minutes. Hope that helps.

  • Wendy Bartter says:

    Please can you let me know if you have shut cameras down in view of the failure of the eggs!
    Have been watching this project with great interest both this year & last and wondering if just a breakdown.


    Wendy Bartter (UK participant)

  • Hi–been watching this nest cam Beau and Swift-today is Sept. 30 and was wondering now only one egg. Whoever is on egg seems agitated and hoping something not wrong with this egg. Are there any updates on this nest? Thanks

  • Diane Rooney says:

    Hi Scott & Cilia, checking in from Northern California USA on Sept. 5. Looks like there is a falcon in the nest, the nest cam is live. Can you give an update on plans for the season? Wishing you and Beau & Swift all the best!

  • Kathy says:

    Hi Scott & Cilla,

    I’m wondering, has your website recently changed it’s format? It looks entirely different today than a few days ago. It was difficult navigating my way in order to figure out how to post a comment. The other day I read a comment from a poster indicating that Swift has laid her 1st egg of the season. Today, I can no longer locate any of the comments that I read before. Are you going to be posting any info about Swift, her egg(s?) and the change in your website?

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