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This week Australia is being stung by an almost country-wide heatwave, in many places reaching above 40degC+ (104degF+) for the whole week. It means treacherous conditions for all birds of prey, who will no doubt rest during the heat of the day and then try to hunt earlier and later. Orange is west-north-west of Sydney by about 4-5 hours (in the dark red bit!!).

Australian heat map for 15 Jan 2019

(courtesy 9news.com.au)

Tough weather for humans, but much tougher for the animals, birds and poor livestock, who are already in a terrible state of drought. We’ll monitor the falcons closely this week. I haven’t been able to update the CSU camera pages yet, with apologies; my CSU login has been cancelled due to a change in other work contracts via CSU, which shouldn’t have affected my login anyway! As soon as I have access back again I’ll go change the camera URLs. In the meantime you can refer to the previous post for YouTube feeds….


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