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-------------------------- Snow, 2012
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-------------------------- Narrambla, 2011
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This morning one of the two fledglings mysteriously appeared at the window to the CSU Orange campus Learning Commons. Wary of people walking past but also quite tolerant, and no-one disturbed the personal space. It’s not often peregrines venture this close to humans! It’s a rainy day so it was a great spot under the eaves to stay dry, but has now flown off. An unidentified adult was watching from up on the soaking wet tower overhead but there was no cause for alarm. The lightning storm above Orange last night didn’t affect campus power, nor the peregrines.

Peregrine fledgling at window Peregrine fledgling at window Peregrine fledgling at window

11 Responses to A brief visitation to Orange campus library window

  • Sue Hines says:

    Well, at least one of them has made it up to the roof of the tower. Lots of noise this morning (Thurs 8). Prey delivery to the roof at 6.23am. Somebody made a rather ungainly flight from the roof at 6.47 – the light tips of the tail-feathers gave it away as a juvenile. So exciting! (And so nice of them to share this with us).

  • moka says:

    Thanks very much for reporting and great pictures, Scott Banks.
    Hardly flegded, already inquisitive the juvie wants to register for study 😉
    Just wonderful to see him/her well doing after the thunderstorm-night.

  • Going by size, I’m tempted to think this might be Budhin, but I’m not sure. It’s not that far from where I left him, but there are a lot of buildings in between. Sorry, can’t be sure.

  • gfr rdh3rd says:

    Thanks so much for this update and the great pictures. Wonderful to see one of the juvie fledglings up close and to confirm s/he is doing well.

  • Sue Hines says:

    Another prey delivery, just for a record while Cilla’s away – Xavier brought something to the box. Not big, looked black and white but may just have been soaking wet! He left with it at 12.51pm but as he did his “drop from the ledge” exit it was hard to see which direction he took. He was vaguely facing SW as he jumped.

  • G.H. (Gerlene) van den Broek says:

    Thanks Scott for this update and awesome pictures. Looks like juvie is window shopping 😀

  • Sue Hines says:

    Thanks heaps for the update, Scott. Good to see the youngster has a hankering for learning 😉

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