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Monthly Archives: September 2020

This is a test run to see if the website is operational.  Huge relief to have it going again, especially with young ones imminent – hatching due from the beginning of October, but more likely from 2nd or 3rd.

Here is a video of Diamond arriving in a snowstorm (which was actually a bit of a non-event as the snow barely settled, but would have made hunting a bit interesting).

It would seem that I still cannot load stills, which is a shame, but hopefully that will be fixed before fledging.

Very little prey has been coming in recently, only one every second day or so, but that will change once there are mouths to feed.

One odd thing has been happening.  We appear to have a visitor..I’m not sure, but I think a large male.  He has arrived on the ledge and stayed for a while without trying to persuade Diamond off the eggs (as Xavier would).  Diamond didn’t try and chase them away but made a strange keening call, which I’ve heard before when strangers are around.

Your comments are welcome!  Cilla



I’m so sorry about the nest cam problems.  James and Scott are both working hard to fix it.  We really don’t want to have to get (or install) a new camera, especially just before hatching. Nor do we have the funds at present.  We are still trying for a different solution.

I have some access to the nest cam when I’m at work as I have installed some surveillance software called Security Eye which seems to bypass the cam streamer to youtube and connect directly with the camera (which is working fine, so another reason not to replace if possible).   This helps me fill in the gaps for my research.

So here is a video from that software of Diamond today getting herself in a bit of a muddle with the eggs and the walls of the box.  let’s see if this works  Woo-hoo it worked, well sort of.  It’s very short.  Now if I could just figure out how to load photos as I have nice new ones from both inside and outside the tower.

Here is another video from my youtube channel, which might be more successful.  This is Diamond also trying to land sideways in the nest on a windy day.  Apologies for the music.  I forgot I had Spotify or something on in the background!


The other problem is that I can’t read your comments as an observer (I can through the back door, so to speak), which presumably means that you can’t read each others’ comments either.  I’ve alerted Scott to this problem (and asked him how to insert photos, which I’ve uploaded to the library here).  Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

I have updated this page (I didn’t realise that I had access…) with some very brief notes from each year that was missing.  Should give you a bit of background.



I have my website access back, so can start doing my Friday (or more frequent) updates.   We now have three eggs, as follows

27/08/2020 416 Di 1st egg
29/08/2020 1600 Di 2nd egg
1/9/2020 0157 Di 3rd egg

This pair has never had more than three, so I expect that is our lot.

All are doing well.  A lot of prey was coming in (mostly starling, with the odd rosella, galah, pigeon and various unidentified scraps) until recently when it almost petered out.  I suspect they have a stash somewhere outside.

We had a drama with the nest cam being flickering and off, and mostly off, over the last few days, but that was fixed last night (thank you, Scott).

We think there is also another peregrine around, possibly two.  A large female juvenile visited the box recently and we think there might be an adult around too.  This makes our pair rather nervous as the concrete hilton as prime real estate!

We also had a drama with repairs being needed to a major leak in the water tower.  Fortunately, common sense has prevailed (aided by an appealing image of Diamond incubating her three eggs), the water in the tower will be lowered to below the leak and repairs postponed until after the season.

I don’t seem to be able to add photos.  I’ll check that with Scott.  But I should be able to add links to my youtube account, so let’s try that out.  RELUCTANT CHANGEOVER

Okay, that’s all for now.   Scroll down for comments


September 2020


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Diamond and her first egg Bula's first sight of first egg Bula's first sight of first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond and her first egg Diamond taking a break

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